The respective painting exhibitions of Vasileios Kagaras mark a cultural event. An inexhaustible, productive and renowned artist, he makes us share his undoubted talent and his long artistic family tradition.

In his new exhibition, respecting his innate standards and the experience he has gained, he dares since being more mature to innovate imperceptibly, to transform and modernize its creations, making recordings in space-time. Trees and shrubs, a flower, two umbrellas or an ice cream. A bird or a stone bridge. A fisherman, a grandmother, an autoroute, and many more.

He demonstrates, suggests, reconstructs without regressing. In addition, without rejecting anything, he expands his horizons. With a very discreet view of nature and life, with excellent skill in lighting and its indicative colors, he drags us receptively in the half-light of his style for prayer, purification, patience and hope. Despite the cultural turmoil, in awkward times, endlessly perceptive, classic and wonderful.



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