Human nature and technology

Vasileios Kagaras, with the courage that Art gives to the creator, with a deep and insightful paint, urges to a view of the multiple dimensions of modern reality in a way that is sometimes extremely realistic, but without abandoning his romantic naturalistic tendencies.

How comes and an indefinable technological object, a set of geometric shapes, cold, in all shades of black-grey, magnetizes the eye for an hour? Are the red wires which like our blood, insist on keeping us alive?
It is the memory that will ensure our smooth transition from yesterday to today and of course to tomorrow. It is the memory that will supply us with the tools of understanding yesterday, of perceiving today, of preparing for tomorrow.
Art and reality in a perpetual imprint of contrasts, secret complementation and an internal view that draws and intertwines memory with colors, nature and soul, contrasting but also composing the technocratic non-iconic or post-iconic condition with quests and reflections in an era of lost identity.

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