Imprint of seasons

Vasileios Kagaras in his new exhibition plays with time; also plays with youth and elderly ones; finally plays with death and resurrection.


Vasileios demonstrates, suggests and reconstructs without regressing. Without rejecting anything, he expands horizons. He drags us receptively in the dim light of his style for prayer, purification, patience and hope through a very discreet view of nature and life, with excellent skill in lighting and its indicative colors.
Visual insights raise winds against the habit of a life that counts the moments. His narrative is beautiful; he speaks and pushes loudly towards a possible world on the border of a fantastic iris.
His brush is striking and clear. Sometimes you think that you can feel the freezing, that you can hear the silence. Urban landscapes, magnifying glass in forgotten details. Vasileios Kagaras entertains us with the primordial concept of soul education, but at the same time challenges us to reflect a little bit more.

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