Through his blatant talent, his experiments and his established beliefs, shocking forms are born, familiar, everyday and untamed, where the gaze is dominant, an umbilical cord of earth and sky, which penetrates you, engrosses you, purifies you, launches you inductively in the exploration of the otherness, of the laws of life, of the present and of the enternal. A look of love, survival, courage and bottomless spirituality!
Trivial faces daily or maybe not. Relaxed, Desperate, Enigmatic. Sad faces sad - or maybe the sadness has dried up and only the bitterness remains. Mourning? Or just trapped, exhausted by the endless effort to endure, to survive, to exist. Deadends? No dead ends, never! Above all, they are our faces, we are, that's why they may scare us, because they are so familiar with us. That is why instead of filling us with sorrow, they transmit energy to us, an incomparable courage.
The selected colors challenge to a deepening, in an interior view that discovers a gushing light. A spooky dimension permeats the forms to highlight the "personal, individual world". Intoxication with the "beautiful" is intertwined with the reflection and the occult, the "behind" the mirror of the eyes.

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